POW Camp O’Donnell, POW Cross, Capas Shrine, NRTF


Karl Welteke: Kapitan Jakop, I suspected that, look at this picture and comment: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214523869684189&set=a.10214435667919200&type=3&theater There has been no local news but that is the way here. Oct 10, 2018 17:17:33 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: Kapitan Jakob, if the above picture did no open, try this URL and go to about the 17th picture: www.facebook.com/karlwilhelm.welteke/media_set?set=a.10214435667919200&type=3 Oct 10, 2018 17:21:23 GMT 8
frank McGlothlin: Hello, Interesting to read all this. I found the massacre site or part of it back in 1997. I have proof on what i dug. If you don't dig you can't prove anything just by looking at maps or even walking the battlefield.It's a big place, hot and watch out for Oct 11, 2018 2:16:02 GMT 8
chadhill: Frank, did you see the posts here on the Pantingan River Massacre? Comments, please. Thank you, Chad. corregidor.proboards.com/thread/813/death-march-markers?page=8 Oct 11, 2018 11:18:12 GMT 8
chadhill: Frank, I posted a message for you with a map on the Facebook Battle of Bataan site. www.facebook.com/groups/bataanbattle/?ref=bookmarks Oct 11, 2018 11:50:21 GMT 8
Frank McGlothlin: Hello Chadhill, Go to pinoyhistoryproboards.com Oct 12, 2018 23:57:01 GMT 8
Frank McGlothlin: Hello Chadhill, Oct 12, 2018 23:57:21 GMT 8
Frank McGlothlin: Hello Chadhill, go to pinoyhistoryproboards.com click on artifacts and collectors items then go to page 3 and 4. look under foxholefrank as the creator. then look under "ww2' section on page 5. you will see a few things i found. Frank. Oct 13, 2018 0:02:16 GMT 8
chadhill: Hello Frank, I could not find the last one. Can you provide a direct link please? I liked your book "Barksdale to Bataan". Thank you, Chad Oct 13, 2018 2:54:27 GMT 8
JEMeyer: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=163775704569757&set=p.163775704569757&type=3&theater Oct 23, 2018 1:06:39 GMT 8
chadhill: Photobucket is down... Oct 25, 2018 9:13:18 GMT 8
scvet: I have been looking for info on WHEN the soldiers wives and children were evacuated from Ft. Mills. They apparently left sometime before December 7th, 1941. Has anyone seen any mention of when? Nov 3, 2018 2:58:29 GMT 8
scvet: I came across a great posting on the internet: www.fsteiger.com/gsteipow.html.Captain George Steiger, CA, was assigned to Ft. Mills in 1941, had a battery of 12" mortars, was a POW and made it home! His pre-war diary entries are a fabulous look at that Nov 8, 2018 5:23:19 GMT 8
scvet: long ago world. Very detailed diary entries while a POW are sobering. Well worth a look! Nov 8, 2018 5:24:48 GMT 8
EXO: SCVET - the Steiger article is of such critical importance to what happened on the night of the sinking of the SS CORREGIDOR, we have backed it up. Nov 12, 2018 3:57:09 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: Will depart for the south of Luzon and Samar on the 12th, will be gone about 3 weeks. Dec 8, 2018 20:40:57 GMT 8
Luv Lightings: How was the ammunition factor of all those planes? If they had been able to do a concentrated sorty, did they have enough to do some damage to the Japanese? Dec 9, 2018 10:35:27 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: Made it to Calbayog as of the evening of the 13th. Dec 13, 2018 19:42:43 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: Monday my car has a maintenance appointment, and then I will return to Sorsogon. I don’t expect to be settled down until Thursday, the 20th Dec in my wife’s village in Sorsogon. I should be back in Subic Bay 5th Jan. 2019. Dec 16, 2018 17:52:55 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: So my communications are limited. Plus my skin operation next to my left eye concerns me. But I will hang in here until about the 5th of Jan 2019. Other than I am fine. Warm greetings from the north shore of the San Bernardino Strait. Dec 19, 2018 7:22:59 GMT 8
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