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Rio: They had to bow before japanese soldiers otherwise they kill in an instant by stabbing with a bayonet. Her suitor was a constant visitor but never took more than a few minutes when visiting their tiny hut. He brought her japanese items. Jun 2, 2018 13:33:12 GMT 8
Rio: Her father never liked this japanese capt though as he was a guerilla and fought back to back with g.i joes in Samar and Leyte. She never had news of the japanese capt once big shooting started again. When the fireblasts stopped, American planes dropped Jun 2, 2018 13:34:56 GMT 8
Rio: pamphets and sounded sirens to ask the civilians to come to the beach. Giving corned beef and chocolates and candies. They were the usual playboys too marrying the young women. This happened in the western part of samar Jun 2, 2018 13:36:13 GMT 8
Rio: In my younger years I used to look up to Americans and have good thoughts of them. Im not sure how the relationship is nowadays though. I was disappointed when Obama fvcked Aquino in 2012 during the Scarborough Standoff. SO I understand Duterte somewhat Jun 2, 2018 13:38:23 GMT 8
Rio: Americans have lost their warrior mentality, I think. Or maybe they just give respect to filipinos as much as filipinos respect them. China is coming and I dont expect America to come to our aid. McArthur is long dead. Jun 2, 2018 13:39:59 GMT 8
Rio: May God not leave our side. Jun 2, 2018 13:40:57 GMT 8
Jake: Hi there, It is sad to hear such a great artist has passed away. I came across one of his paintings. Can anyone tell me more about it? Mine is dated 1971 Jun 8, 2018 10:03:20 GMT 8
Bob Lowrey: Really appreciated all the great info Karl! I'm living in Mabalacat and am planning to go that way soon. THANKS SO MUCH! Jun 10, 2018 18:21:41 GMT 8
Ginger: My Great Uncle died in The Battle of Zig Zag Pass, thank you for posting these pics! I love reading about this event and feel closer ties to him and what he - and all his guys went through! :) Jun 12, 2018 20:21:12 GMT 8
Dwright: Yes, Veterans made a difference. It was Veterans who brought about the improvements to the Clark Veterans Cemetery and return of this San Pedro Bell... We are now ask veterans to support the VFW and Legion Resolutions at the 2018 National Conventions. Jun 21, 2018 11:41:49 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: Roger that, thank you Dwright! Jun 22, 2018 16:21:34 GMT 8
ezrarolader: Would like information on upcoming October 2018 Reunion at Fort Benning. Our father made 5 combat jumps with the 501st then later 503rd. Jun 26, 2018 0:02:45 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: Karl is going to Corregidor tomorrow for two days and nights, will report about it a few days later. Jul 5, 2018 17:41:43 GMT 8
Lannx: Hi. Would anybody has blueprint of Corregidor structures?...if possible those in the topside. Need for my study. thanks Jul 6, 2018 13:31:39 GMT 8
Lannx: Hi. would anybody here has blueprint of Corregidor?...if possible those structures at the topside. thanks Jul 6, 2018 13:32:34 GMT 8
chadhill: Lannx: For maps, give the "PX" a look. The 1932 and 1936 maps offer great detail. Jul 8, 2018 4:01:19 GMT 8
Robin: Hi Karl, would it be possible to get the pdf of the 1984 plan olongapo city from 10/31/2014? I am working on a family history project (my parents grew up there) and it would be helpful to have the map! Thanks, Robin ([email protected]) Jul 10, 2018 12:09:54 GMT 8
Robin: (I mean, from your blog post on 10/31/2014) Jul 10, 2018 12:10:37 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: Robin, I will try to do that today.Have a good one! 12:12 pm local time, Saturday, found them and they are sent Jul 14, 2018 11:58:27 GMT 8 *
armyjunk2: bump Jul 24, 2018 6:48:00 GMT 8
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