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ArmyAir Corp: looking for someone that has a copy of Tillman Rutledge's book "My Japanese POW Diary Story". He visited my Great Aunt Years back and we heard he may have mentioned my great Uncle George Thomas in the book. Can anyone help? Jan 3, 2019 23:54:49 GMT 8
foxholefrank: About the tank buried under the house. once the loggers reached the 3 tanks at the pockets around 1953 they were hauled off for scrap. Believe me if a peso was to be made they did it. Every where I dug I was told Yamashitas gold was theresome undera house Jan 10, 2019 2:05:53 GMT 8
foxholefrank: I dug the big pocket back in 1996. The farming has ruined a lot of it. So much was picked up and hauled to the junk yard.I saw in 1998 12 inch Mortar shells from Corregidor at a junk yard. Jan 10, 2019 2:11:06 GMT 8
Marine Niece: New to this. Not sure how it works. My uncle, James Shockman, Marine, was stationed on Caballo, on a 60 caliber anti-aircraft machine gun on 6 May 1942. Would that mean he was either on Fuger or Leach? Jan 10, 2019 5:58:10 GMT 8
John Eakin: Shockman, James P., Pfc, USMC 275167 is mentioned in Xfile X3449 Manila #2. The dental charts of Unknowns X3451, X3452, X3447, X3448, X3449, X3450 were compared with his. Apparently, his remains were never identified. Jan 17, 2019 5:22:33 GMT 8
John Eakin: You'll find more information on him by requesting his Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF) from the Army Past Conflicts Repatriation Branch. Jan 17, 2019 5:23:38 GMT 8
chadhill: Marine Niece: PFC Shockman died while trying to recover a comrade offshore of Caballo and 2 Japanese planes attacked. His remains may have been buried on Caballo. See Lang affidavit here: Jan 17, 2019 8:11:34 GMT 8
chadhill: Marine Niece: According to Haney in "Caged Dragons" chapter 5 two 50 caliber machine guns were set up near the beach off the east shore, which would place them near Batteries Fuger and Leach. F&L were 3" and 6" guns, however. Jan 17, 2019 8:58:06 GMT 8 YES I AM INTERESTED IN WHAT I CAN DO TO HELP INENDENFY MY UNCLE THOMAS F. SWEENEY . HIS BROTHER HOWARD V. SWEENEY DID SEND IN A DNA SAMPLE. WE RECEIVED A LETTER FROM THE GOVERMENT IN FORT KNOX KY. 40122-5504 DEPT. 107 0N MAY 25;2017 Jan 21, 2019 8:34:43 GMT 8
Karl Welteke: Off to Corregidor tomorrow for 4 days and 3 nights, will not look at the internet. Jan 24, 2019 18:23:25 GMT 8
chadhill: Hello Marge Kuhns, have you seen this 3 page thread which mentions your famous uncle several times? There are many photos showing the exact place where he fought his final battle: Jan 27, 2019 10:02:43 GMT 8
elainepeg: Thanks Chad! Jan 29, 2019 6:17:44 GMT 8
chadhill: ArmyAirCorp: Yes, Rutledge mentions meeting George Thomas from TN at Las Pinas Airfield 10/11/43. At end of book mentions he is dead (no details). There is no book index for me to check so your great uncle may be mentioned even more often. Feb 4, 2019 9:19:50 GMT 8
your mom: my mom Feb 8, 2019 3:52:16 GMT 8
gih: gih Feb 8, 2019 3:53:37 GMT 8
2WarAbnVet: As a teen, I met a member of the "Test Platoon". His name was Frank Kassell and my Mother had known him when he was stationed at the CC Camp (that became Lee State Park) during the depression. He was in HQ 503rd PIR and had made four combat jumps, two with Feb 11, 2019 6:08:29 GMT 8
2WarAbnVet: the 11th Airborne in the Pacific, and two with the 187th RCT in Korea. You can bet I was impressed.
Later, when I was first stationed at the Airborne Board, I met another, John Ward, who had previously been the rigger Warrant in charge of the hangar at the
Feb 11, 2019 6:10:46 GMT 8
2WarAbnVet: Board. Feb 11, 2019 6:11:38 GMT 8
Robert Cisneros: I am the nephew of Luz Cisneros who was captured in the fall of Corregidor. I am looking for a photo of Kindley Ridge where he was wounded as he tossed grenades at Japanese machine guns enabling American forces to regroup. Feb 19, 2019 1:07:23 GMT 8
chadhill: Robert Cisneros, try these links: and Feb 19, 2019 4:46:54 GMT 8
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